UnMade Beds

When I travel, I use my unmade beds for my subject matter and have a series built on them.

I always come back to nature, in particular flowers, because I am fascinated with the way the vines, stems, leaves, roots and petals unfurl and stretch to the sun and nourishment.  I grow my subject material in my back yard or studio.

When I paint with my artist friends they tell me I sigh a lot.  I love that time with my art friends because I can speak in shorthand.  I can talk about the sensuality of painting and expose my vulnerabilities fearlessly.  Through my painting I can just let loose.

Alone in my studio, I can dance with the paint and ink.  With intent I select the music and that movement is all blended in when I paint. It is important to me. I am working inward as I paint outward.  Yet I don’t put this in my artist statement.

I just couldn’t blend it in.

Copyright © Patricia Larkin Green